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How to Heal With a Dowsing Pendulum in 7 Easy Steps

How do you heal with a Dowsing Pendulum? Is that even possible? I am here to tell that it is. Mystics and healers have been using pendulums for healing since the beginning of time.

First, let's discuss the difference between true healing and going to a medical practitioner. In my opinion, both are equally important in the path of becoming well. The doctor is limited to his knowledge of the human body and facilitates change with medicine backed up by facts and tests. Their knowledge of the human body goes far beyond that of most healers. Whereas, the healer addresses in contrast all levels of the patient. We are all in various states of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; that all work together to complete our experiences here on earth. How they function in unison will be discussed in future articles. When I am sick, I want both a doctor and a healer working symbiotically with me.

Second, what is a dowsing pendulum? A dowsing pendulum is any object swinging from a fixed point. Personally, I use a gemstone pendulum because I love stones but you can easily make your own from a favorite necklace or your car keys. Pendulums may also be purchased from specialty shops that sell gemstones and other mystical products or they can be bought online. Amazon has an assortment in various shapes in colors. Your personal preference works best for you.

Third, anyone can be a healer, if they only try. These 7 little simply-explained steps will get you started:

1. Make sure your pendulum has been cleansed. I simply leave my gemstone pendulums out in the moonlight for a night to cleanse them; but there are many more elaborate ways to cleanse your pendulum. You can research for yourself.

2. Tune the energy of the pendulum to you. Previous articles discuss the programming of your pendulum.

3. Clear your mind of any preconceived intensions. The healer must be able to visualize the person being healed in perfect health and have a genuine desire to help them. This is usually done with breathing exercises and meditation. There are many articles and websites on this. Find the technique that works for you.

4. Formulate a prayer for healing. Prayers to me are the equivalent of magic, spells and positive statements. Who do you want to be healed and of what? Let's say for example sake you want to heal your spouse's bad knee. Take a moment to prepare the prayer in this formula; I command with God (Allah, Mother Earth, Universe) to heal my husband's knee in the highest of the high. When you are done creating the healing prayer, say it aloud.

5. Hold the pendulum with your finger and thumb allowing it to swing freely. It will begin to swing in circles or ellipses. Many healers and mediums with knowledge far superior to mine interpret these movements, but I do not. All you really need to understand is counter-clockwise circles remove bad energy and clockwise circles replaces it with good energy. The pendulum may continue to make several sets of circles. The pendulum motions will last from 1 to 15 minutes. Each healing is different.

6. Be patient allowing the energy to flow through. You never need to invoke your own thoughts or feelings. In fact, it is better if you don't. Did you realize that every time you send healing to someone the healing energy flows through you? Thus, you receive healing. This is an added benefit of healing.

7. When the pendulum has become to a complete stop, repeat the healing prayer in a statement of thankfulness. To use our example from above, "Thank you God for healing my husband's knee in the highest of the high. It is done. It is done. It is done." This seals the healing in the universe to create and leaves to room for doubt.

Now, you may not see immediate results with pendulum healing efforts because everyone is different. And sometimes, the angels guide the healing to different areas that need it more. Do not get caught up on results, just heal.

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